Gerrit Kruger

Founder and Managing Director

Gerrit has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science. For his thesis he developed a surgical simulator prototype. The project involved developing a custom HID (Human Interface Device) connected via USB to a PC and interfacing with 3D software to simulate the surgical environment. After his studies he gained valuable experience running his own software company for several years developing web, database and line of business applications.

Gerrit has always had a big passion for applying the latest advances in technology in creative ways, to create novel or new interactive experiences, or to make the world a better place by solving important problems. In an effort to combine creativity with technology and provide solutions to clients in a wide array of industries, Sozo Labs was formed. Our passion at Sozo Labs is to use our skills in software development and tech know-how to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.


Abraham Coetzee

Wizard; Protector of all that is good

Abraham is a playful, passionate, puzzle-loving philomath, driven by beauty, curiosity and wonder. He has a diverse range of interests, from human-machine interaction and human capability augmentation, to shaping environments both real and virtual, civilisations past and future, generative design, education and more. This is reflected in his studies — Animation for Film and Television, Permaculture Design, Bachelor’s degree in theoretical physics, and Master’s degree in Computer Science. The focus of his MSc thesis was on creating a foundation for bringing visual ways of thinking to computer programming alongside text, by combining reverse debugging with live programming to first maximise the programmer’s control of time.

Apart from creative applications of technology at Sozo Labs, Abraham also pursues permaculture-based computational sustainability, and playful environments for constructionist learning. He also enjoys beekeeping, blacksmithing, adventuring, surfing, growing interesting plants, and the cultivation of lifelong childlikeness.


Esther Tredoux

Client Relationship Builder; Social Butterfly

Esther enjoys networking and building relationships, and seeks to make a positive difference in the world. This led her to pursue a career in Public Relations and to work for various non-profit organisations in their marketing and fundraising departments. She has a passion for growing business’s online exposure through social media and digital marketing.

Esther is the first line of contact at Sozo Labs, and educates clients about the many possibilities that we offer through technology.

Gardening, DIY projects, reading, adrenaline activities, being a wife, sewing and her dogs, all form part of Esther’s interests outside of work.