Are you looking for a job in the creative software industry? Have a look below to see our current job openings. If no positions are available, we will keep your info on file for future reference.
Current opening: Creative software developer
Are you a software developer with a degree in computer science? Great! That’s the first part down. So what does the ‘creative’ part imply? Well here at Sozo Labs we require numerous skill sets, so if you have an interest in gaming (logic, design and programming), 3D modelling, animation, rendering etc. then send your CV along to You get bonus points for experience with Unity, C# and Blender 3D.

Creative Technologists

We are always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team, trained in the fields of 3D modelling, concept art, animation, programming and/or sound design. We work with software like Blender 3D, Unity game engine and a host of other tools. If you like interesting people, good coffee, free lunch, a beautiful location, but most importantly, creative challenges, then feel free to send your CV or portfolio to We use a mixture of freelancers, contractors and permanent employees, depending on the project, so do not hesitate to contact us.