MySidekick VR Roller Coaster

We partnered with the MySidekick app for the relaunch of their latest version. The app is designed to alert you to the latest specials in a mall when you go shopping. It sends you an alert when you arrive at the mall (using your GPS location), then presents you with specials that are available at that specific mall, relevant to your interests.

To help with the app’s promotion at Fourways mall in Johannesburg, we set up an interactive VR roller coaster experience, designed around the theme of the app. The user starts in a small space station, where he or she is greeted by the app’s mascot (your sidekick). The VR roller coaster then proceeds to launch into space, travelling through a shopping mall station – aptly named the Milky Way Mall – and then through a cavernous asteroid which serves as the food court. Your sidekick (representing the app) guides you to the specials along the way. This interactive VR roller coaster experience was specifically designed to reinforce the app’s purpose and usefulness.

The experience was also designed to be short enough to allow many different people to experience VR for the first time, as well as to keep the queues short. We toned down the intensity of the experience, so of all the people that tried the demo, only two people had to take the headset off because the VR roller coaster seemed too close to the real thing and frightened them. It’s amazing how easily your brain can be ‘tricked’ by your visual system, even when the visuals are not photo-realistic, and when you know perfectly well that you are sitting safely on a chair in the middle of the mall.

Virtual Reality can be used as a very effective marketing tool to promote a brand or product launch event — feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.