Office remodelling in VR

We received a simple request from a client: could we quickly model their new office layout for them to walk around in using VR, so as to decide if it will work before they actually order all the new office furniture? Sure thing! In a couple of hours we had the new layout fully enabled for walking around in using the HTC Vive. We only had to focus on accurate layout and scale of the furniture to see if the new layout will work well, not on detail, lighting or specific textures. That saved us quite a bit of time. Our client immediately found that the amount of suggested dividers and their heights needed to be adjusted, and they also had the ability to play with the wall paint colours. In the end it saved them a lot of time, money and effort.

VR as a visualisation tool can be very effective. It enables you to create virtual environments to explore before physically building it. This can save huge amounts of money when designing a new house or building for example. Some things you really just can’t plan for, and walking through a virtual space gives you that extra dimension to pick up on any problems before you commit to your design.