Hand tracking with the Leap Motion controller

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28th January 2016

Above is a video that shows hand tracking with the Leap Motion controller. One of the first things people do when putting on a VR headset is stretch out their hands to touch something, only to realise their hands are not in VR. There are solutions in the works like tracked controllers, but the holy grail would be to track your physical hands. The Leap Motion Controller tries to do just that. There are still some problems especially with occlusion, but it works. The company is working on a newer version (Dragonfly module) with higher resolution infrared cameras as well as an RGB feed that can be used to pass through to your VR headset. This makes for some interesting VR/AR demos.

The Leap controller can be attached to the front of the current Oculus DK2 headset as a short term solution for hand tracking, but over the last year or two Oculus has acquired at least two companies that specialise in skeletal and hand tracking, Nimble VR and Pebbles Interfaces. They are sure to integrate the technology in the next generation headset, so we’re curious to see what the guys at Leap has planned for their future.

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