Our Oculus Rift CV1 arrives in Cape Town

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29th Jul 2016

Our Oculus Rift Consumer Version (CV1) arrived today, at our office in Cape Town! It is one of the first to arrive in South Africa.

The high-quality Oculus Rift comes neatly packaged in a beautiful box of about 20 by 40 by 45 cm, and weighs in at a little over 5kg. It is a Virtual Reality (VR) headset that you place over your eyes and ears. With positional and rotational tracking, as well as 3D audio, it convincingly immerses you in a virtual world.

The headset itself is light and very comfortable to wear, and the quality of the audio is fantastic. It ships with a remote control, and an infrared sensor that sits on your desk and captures your movement. Due to the small size of the sensor, it doesn’t occupy much space on your desk. The Rift also ships with a wireless Xbox One controller, so while it does immediately put you in a gaming mood, it does not allow for tracking of hand movement. However, the Oculus Touch controllers will be released later this year. These will make both of your hands available in the virtual environment, resulting in direct manipulation of the virtual world, and even more exciting game-play.

In conclusion, the Oculus Rift is a high quality product. The level of immersion is extraordinary, and has to be experienced!

It is great to have the Oculus Rift in the office. Apart from the immensely fun and immersive gaming (EVE: Valkyrie!), it is good to be able to test our software on multiple virtual reality systems, each with its own benefits.

We are very excited about developing software and applications for the Oculus Rift. We also love sharing our excitement with others. If you would like to drop by to experience the Oculus Rift for yourself, give us a call. We love discussing the profoundly exciting possibilities that these virtual reality systems are currently opening up.

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